This Probably Won't Last

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Starting a blog (again) has been on my list of to-dos for a while. This probably won’t last, but that doesn’t bother me. Some say, “The journey is more important than the destination”. Others say, “Fail fast and fail often”. I agree with At1as. GROK!

In building this site I got to play around with a few fun toys:

  • I decided to host this site using Github Pages. They provide free hosting. Managing a website via GitHub is a joy.
  • I decided to use Jekyll. I love the idea of using a website generator to create a dynamic feeling site that is composed of only static pages. Among other things, this improves security (there is no need to worry about a back-end database or user supplied input).
  • Michael Rose has made some beautiful themes for Jekyll. I decided to use his So Simple Theme as a starting point (I haven’t changed much yet).
  • I found a really cool Codepen created by Supercopra (aka. Julius Horn). I tweaked his code a bit to make it work as a header to the page.
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